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The purpose of life is to be happy. To attain this, we only seek the TRUTH behind it and not the information. May it be regarding Health, Wealth, Life, Science, Ethics, Morality or even God, we all want to know only the Truth, which is always the same (Universal) for all beings and at all times (Eternal).

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Today the World is facing various global challenges like Global warming, Terrorism and many more. These issues cannot be addressed and solved by just any one individual. Here comes the importance of the strength of unity, where together we can make the difference and these global issues can be resolved.

The need of the hour is for the sake of the welfare of the Humanity, the world must unite. This unified energy alone can bring the change.To achieve this, every individual unit’s energy is accountable. Each individual should be physically fit, emotionally balanced and intellectually wise to contribute for the larger causes.The Truth is that, it is only one Universal Entity (Energy) that manifests as this Universe. This Truth is being stated and validated by many scholars in their own way of expression. This energy undergoes evolution in five levels, the pattern of which is seen in every thing in this Universe. So, Energy is the only Key which we call as Sakthi in the divine language of Samskrutam for individual or World Peace and Happiness.

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In Sakthi foundation, all these five aspects (symbolized as five fingers) that makes a complete Human being are addressed through this dissection method. So, all these five aspects of an individual are tuned and nurtured well into a wholistic being to lead a Happy Life.

Physical Health of the BodyEmotional balance of the Mind Innate creative talents and logical IntelligenceEmbracing every being as One Energy with AwarenessSelfless Service with Unconditional Love and Unity Consciousness

The mission of this community is to promote this Global Right Awareness to lead a Happy Life using the Universal five level pattern. It is attained by focusing both on the welfare of the smaller individual (Selftual) and the larger individual, the Community (Consciousness).

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Web Site pattern: This web site is also created in the five pattern, please see the left site menu. Thousands of visitors come every day to this web site seeking solutions to health problems, relationship problems, psychological issues, spiritual questions and various other queries. With the Universal pattern we try to give the best possible answer that may not always be appealing to the notions of the mind, but surely will not contradict to logic and higher realms of Truth. Your questions and suggestions has improved this site in the long run.

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