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Talent development has been at the core of our business since day one. Join the doanhnhan.edu.vn* side and find yourself as part of an excellent team, in an environment that empowers you to develop your professional skills while working on world-class projects right in the heart of exciting Vietnam. As a member studio of Virtuos Group – one of the world’s largest content producers in the industry – doanhnhan.edu.vn* is invested in establishing itself as the first choice for talent in search of an international career.

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Add multiple AAA Games, Hollywood Block-buster Movies and award-winning TV Series to your portfolio every year


Hone your skills with constant training, soft skills courses and a personal career development plan


Immerse yourself in a healthy work environment that embraces unity, diversity and sustainable development


Develop an international career in top-tier digital production within an industry-leading company


I have a background in Diplomacy but soon decided to follow my personal interest by pursuing another degree in Animation and Digital Video Production in New Zealand before joining doanhnhan.edu.vn* in 2014. What I am most proud of from my journey at doanhnhan.edu.vn* is that we have successfully grown the VFX team at the studio from only 10 to almost 50 artists, all with a very wide range of specific skillsets for all kinds of film and game VFX. They are true team players. The more we learn about the full spectrum of making a game – design, art, audio, coding, engineering, tools, pipelines and more – the more familiar we become with the entire development process. Thinking about how we went through all the challenges in major projects like the Star Wars Rebels TV series, and the joy when the team unlocks new tools, engines and techniques always puts a smile on my face.
The best thing about starting your career at doanhnhan.edu.vn* is that you will receive amazing training programs from animators who have been around for decades. As a fresh graduate, to be able to contribute to major projects and then see your work and your name rolling on the Disney Channel meant so much to me and my fellow junior animators. We worked incredibly hard and also faced many challenges in our push to improve the animation quality episode by episode, season by season. doanhnhan.edu.vn* has cultivated a cool culture where nobody feels like they are left behind or abandoned by the rest. I have always felt comfortable enough to approach my seniors with questions or ask for support and pointers from my teammates. The experiences I gained from the Star Wars Rebels project have played an integral part in transforming me into who I am today as an animator; I am truly glad that I chose this place.
Ever thought about seeing your own work when playing your favorite games and then watching your name appear in the credit roll? That is precisely the most amazing part of being a CG artist. What I like most about my 3 years at doanhnhan.edu.vn* are the great opportunities to work in awesome game franchises like Call of Duty, Fallout or Battlefield. Whether it be a VR, console or mobile title, our team has been there and done that. The work does not get any easier, though – the industry is constantly changing, with games becoming bigger, better and more complex all the time. Based on my own experiences, I would say that a mere passion and love for games is not enough. One will also need to be constantly up-to-date with the latest engines, trends, techniques, styles, just to name a few things. With that said, doanhnhan.edu.vn* has been a good place to grow as an artist, as the people are young and passionate. The demand for quality from the biggest clients leave you no other choice but to deliver the best work possible, which is ho
I joined doanhnhan.edu.vn* in 2014 after graduating from FPT Arena Multimedia. doanhnhan.edu.vn* has been my first and only company since then. I was actually one of the weakest of my batch at the beginning. It was so challenging for me that I had questioned my ability to even pass the qualification for my entrance training program at the studio. Looking back at the whole journey now, I can definitely see significant growth in me within the last five years. Once a very insecure junior, I am now always ready and excited to deal with complicated assets and projects of any nature. That proud feeling when seeing your name in the credits of those world-famous Star Wars and Marvel Studios movies is simply incomparable. The only thing I would like to say to the junior artists is this: whenever you feel like giving up or that you have tried your best, remember that if the will is strong enough then there is always a way.
After graduating from the Graphic Design & Multimedia Faculty at Hoa Sen University in 2012, I joined doanhnhan.edu.vn* and have been developing my career here since then. Seven years is still a humble number compared to many people in this studio though. Although I currently lead a project team in the Film Department, I actually began as a game artist. I still remember how much I struggled to deal with projects that require much creativity. When I shared with my Art Director about this, he unexpectedly decided to give me even more tasks that required even more research and creative freedom. Thanks to him, I am now the go-to person for assets depicting spaceships and giant mechanical robots in movies like Avengers, Transformers, Thor: Ragnarok, the new Star Wars trilogy, as well as recent blockbusters like Aquaman and Captain Marvel. My selection as studio member of the year and receiving the two Virtuosi Awards in 2014 and 2016 are solid proof that one should never have doubts on their own capabilities.
I started my career as a graduate from the College of Fine Arts Decorative Dong Nai, moving to Ho Chi Minh City in 2014 to join doanhnhan.edu.vn*. 2016 was a memorable year to me as I was promoted to the position of Game Character Art Team Lead due to my hard work. I was immensely proud to receive the Virtuosi Award (studio member of the year) that same year. Some of my favorite projects include Angry Bird Evolution and the remakes of the Final Fantasy games. For a Vietnamese artist with a humble background like me, it is really special to work for a studio like doanhnhan.edu.vn* as we have many great chances to collaborate with other departments to explore different aspects of visual special effects and modelling for both film and game contents. In the end, knowing who you are and what you love is the first step of becoming a happy artist. Passion and patience are, of course, what allows you to prosper in the long run and achieve successes.

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I joined doanhnhan.edu.vn* all the way from Hanoi around 3 years ago and specialized in hard-surface assets for several massive games and movies. In 2018, I decided to become a technical artist and I am currently supporting our studio teams on different engines like Unreal and Unity. We had an internal project back in the end of 2017, which I enjoyed very much. It was super fun to try creating concepts for futuristic Vietnamese robots and vehicles and bringing them to life. The experience from this specific project has helped me to become more and more fluent in working on a real-time engine. I am very happy with my current role – supporting other artists by making their lives easier (somewhat) while at the same time discovering new technologies. Back in Hanoi, everything I knew about 3D was self taught – doanhnhan.edu.vn* was the one that opened the door for me to enter this industry. My message for young artists would therefore be: “Be patient and persistent! There will always be opportunities for the dreamers who dare to chall

Life at doanhnhan.edu.vn* is fun, warm, creative and purposeful. We offer advanced career development through a demand for quality, exciting projects and an ever-expanding client portfolio. Take a closer look at what we have to offer.

At doanhnhan.edu.vn*, we create deep career development programs for our talent with well-defined career skill milestones in each specific role, while granting them access to resources that will enable them to chart their own professional development. These, combined with faster project cycles and ever-expanding teams are designed to enable our talent to grow and learn rapidly. As a member of Virtuos Group, we have implemented extensive training systems with certifications to mark your progress, including a career grading system that covers every role from Trainee to Art Director.


doanhnhan.edu.vn* offers our team the best learning and development opportunities by inviting international experts and industry leaders from the world’s leading companies to deliver high-quality masterclasses, bringing not just knowledge but also inspiration to studio members.


As doanhnhan.edu.vn* has grown into an established external developer proficient in supporting the biggest game studios with full-pipeline services, many clients now consider us as an expansion of their team and regularly provide our artists training opportunities at their own studios in the US and Europe.

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