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Stage Name: Mino (미노)Birth Name: Song Min Ho (송민호)Birthday: March 30, 1993Zodiac Sign: AriesHeight: 182 cm (6’0”)Weight: 57 kg (126 lbs)Blood Type: AInstagram: 

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Mino Facts:– He was born in Yongin, South Korea.– His Chinese zodiac is the rooster.– His younger sister is Danah from the girl group New F.O.– He graduated from the Hanlim Arts High School in 2011.– He studied at the same school as EunB, a late member of Ladies’ Code.– His hobbies include drawing, playing basketball, writing lyrics, composing music and photography.– He owns a Munchkin cat, named Johnny.– Mino can speak Japanese.– He used to be an underground rapper by the name Hugeboy Mino and worked with people like Block B‘s Zico and P.O, as well as M.I.B‘s SIMS.– Mino and Block B‘s P.O are childhood friends.– Mino was a former Brand New Stardom trainee and was supposed to debut with Block B, but he decided to leave the group at the very last second.– He is friends with GOT7‘s Jackson.– He is part of the hip-hop duo MOBB, alongside iKON‘s Bobby.– He used to be a member of B.o.M.– During his B.o.M days, he went through an acting project as one of the main casts of the cable drama K-pop – The Ultimate Survival (The Strongest K-POP Survival 2012) on Channel A.– In October 2014, Mino appeared on Epik High‘s single Haters Birth with Beenzino, Verbal Jint, B.I and Bobby.– Mino was originally supposed to be WINNER‘s leader.– Many say that he looks like a mix of Big Bang‘s Taeyang and G-Dragon.– His nicknames are Song Mojiri and SWAG (Source: Secret Training Variety Show).– He also earned the nickname Song Finger from playing a game on New Journey to the West 4.– His hobbies include writing lyrics, composing music, playing basketball, photography and drawing.– He played Tennis for two years. (Source: New Journey to the West 3)– His all-time favorite movie is Fight Club.– He really likes Tteokbokki. He wouldn’t be able to lose weight if he’d eat it while on a diet.– Tteokkbokki is his know-how to relieve stress. (lol)– Mino is afraid of bugs. (Source: New Journey to the West 4 Ep. 5)– Mino and P.O is a childhood friend specifically thet were highschool classmate.– He is also friends with Incredivle, Joohyung You (creative directure & owner of Freiknock).– During his days in pre-debut Block-B, Kyung was his mom and Zico was his father.– He is in a producer team with Gray on Show Me The Money 10.– Mino’s Ideal Type: “I like girls who can eat well. Someone who eats well without being picky; someone who takes good care of themselves; someone who can be dumb with him together.”

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He”s my ultimate bias. He”s my bias in WINNER. He”s among my favorite members in WINNER, but not my bias. He”s okay. He”s among my least favorite members in WINNER.

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