Commentary: Bigbang’S Seungri’S Sex Scandal And The End Of K 5 Years For Ex

“I have been reflecting on myself for the past three years, and I promise I will be reborn from this”


Seungri. Credit: YG

Ex-Big Bang member Seungri is reportedly facing a five-year jail sentence as part of his alleged involvement in the Burning Sun scandal in 2019.

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On July 1, at the 25th hearing for Seungri’s (born Lee Seung-hyun) truak, South Korean military prosecutors reportedly requested a five-year jail sentence and a fine of ₩20million (roughly £12,800) for the former idol, according to CNA.

He is being accused of embezzlement, habitual gambling, prostitution mediation and special violence instigation, among other charges. Lee has denied all charges except for the violation of the Foreign Exchange Transactions Act.

“The defendant committed crimes continuously over several years,” said the military prosecution, per Soompi. “He used Korean women to mediate prostitution to foreign investors for his personal financial gain, and he also maintained relationships with them through gambling.”

“Although the defendant gained the largest profit from these crimes, he is not reflecting for the major crimes and laying responsibility on others while saying that he is not involved,” they added.

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According to news outlet YTN, per Koreaboo, the former singer had teared up while giving his final statement. “I have been reflecting on myself for the past three years, and I promise I will be reborn from this,” said Lee.

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“I am sorry to have caused concern to the people of the country. I’m sorry to my fans, my family, BIGBANG, and YG,” he added. The final sentencing for Seungri will be determined and announced at another trial on a later date.

Last month, it was reported that Seungri had denied the charges brought against him for his alleged involvement in the Burning Sun Scandal. “I didn’t know anything, and I found out during the investigation,” he had claimed.

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The Burning Sun nightclub was the setting for a controversy in 2019 that encompassed allegations of rape and spycam usage, and also involved a number of the Korean industry’s biggest names. Aside from Seungri, singer Jung Joon-young and CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun and former Highlight member Yong Jun-hyung were also linked to the controversy.

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