E3B1C256 – Everything You Need To Know About Him

Looking for everything there is to know about the K-pop sensation BTS? You’re not alone. BTS has sparked a worldwide phenomenon not only with their music, but also with their charming personalities.

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The seven-member boy group BTS is a South Korean band which has gained legions of fans since their debut in 2013. Among the members is rapper RM or “Rap Monster”, the group’s unofficial leader, and a talented songwriter.

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Every BTS member brings their own unique style to the band, making BTS that much more interesting to get to know. Here’s a peek at RM’s personal style and whether he’s currently single.

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Still on the market?

As of July 2020, RM is still single and available. It may be hard to fathom a gorgeous, talented human being like RM still on the market, but BTS is an international phenomenon, so we imagine that that takes up a lot of their time.

Back in 2017, RM said in an interview during the 2017 American Music Awards that the BTS fans gave the group “more than enough love.”

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