4 Lý Do Khiến “Doctor Stranger” Bị Chê Ngày Càng Nhạt, Bác Sĩ Xứ Lạ (Doctor Stranger 2014)

After fleeing North Korea, Park Hun becomes a top surgeon in South Korea and vows to reunite with the woman he left behind.

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After following in his father's footsteps to become a surgeon in North Korea, Hun falls for a girl whose family is purged from their homeland.


With help from his father, Hun escapes to Budapest with Song Jae-hui in tow. But along with their freedom comes unfathomable sacrifice.


Lee Chang-i reunites with her mother when she gets to Seoul. Meanwhile, Hun befriends a little girl, Jung-min, whose father needs his help.


The hospital chairman divides the cardiothoracic surgery team in two and cooks up a competition to operate on the prime minister's heart.

Han Jae-jun blames Hun for a patient's death. Later, Mr. Rhim calls with extraordinary news: He's found Hun's long-lost love, Jae-hui.

Hun is convinced that beautiful doctor Han Seung-hui is actually Jae-hui, his long-lost love. Trouble is, she treats him like a complete stranger.

Though he suspects that Seung-hui might be a spy from North Korea, Mun Hyeong-uk can't deny her skills and offers her a job on his surgery team.

To settle their rivalry once and for all, Hun and Jae-jun form teams to perform the same cardiothoracic surgery on a set of twins.

After an unsettling call from Chang-i, Hun leaves the hospital to find Seung-hui, who failed to report for a scheduled surgery.

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After losing to Hun in the surgery contest due to complications, Jae-jun demands a rematch. But Oh Jun-gyu declines his request.

Jun-gyu tells Oh Su-hyeon that he'll allow her to leave his home and live alone under one condition: that she must get engaged to Jae-jun.

Jae-jun accepts when Hun approaches him with a potential surgery for their rematch, but Jun-gyu is strongly against it.

Jae-jun asks Su-hyeon to come with him to the United States if he's asked to leave the hospital, but her answer is less decisive than he expected.

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A shocking announcement reveals that Jaeil University Hospital, and not Myeonwoo, will handle the prime minister's heart surgery.

When Hun injures his finger during surgery, he asks Jae-jun to send someone from his team for backup. But Su-hyeon makes an executive decision.

Seung-hui tells the prime minister that she will complete the task instead of Hun and asks him to choose Jae-jun as the operating surgeon.

When Hun returns to the hospital and strolls into the surgery room, a stunned Jun-gyu orders Yang Jeong-han to block Hun's success at any cost.

Faced with an ethical dilemma, Hun declines to do the surgery and forfeits the contest to Jae-jun, who's subsequently named acting chairman.

Su-hyeon finds Jun-gyu lying on the floor of his office and orders Jae-jun to leave the hospital. Meanwhile, Hun tries to meet the president.

Hun and Seung-hui find themselves at a dead end when the president goes back on his promise. Meanwhile, Cha Jin-su comes back to life.

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