Actress Park Han Byul Directly Speaks Up And Apologizes About

A recent report by Star News, amidst the scandal, actress Park Han Byul cleaned up all aspects of her life in Seoul. She moved to Jeju Island with her husband and child.

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Witnesses who shared the information to Star News that Park Han Byul”s life now on Jeju Island is peaceful. It was never an easy path for her and her son due to her husband”s controversy. The actress decided to move there to find a level of stability and avoid any scrutiny.

Her representative stated on June 3 that the actress is waiting until the final verdict. Seeing the results of the trial, she will personally decide what to do with her activities.

The actress also stopped posting on her social media account after she received backlash. She now focuses on raising her child, and therefore, we shall expect it will take a longer time for the actress to return to the industry.

Park Han Byul starred in the remake of melodrama “Love in Sadness,” and rose to fame for her close resemblance to actress Jun Ji Hyun. Then, her life was in the limelight after having a long relationship with K-pop singer S27en since high school and dated her co-star Jung Eun Woo.


(Photo : Twitter, Instagram)Park Han Byul Fled Seoul To Renew Her Life After Husband”s Scandal In Burning Sun

She met her now-husband Yoo In Suk backed in 2016 and got married in 2018. In the same year, she gave birth to their first child. Her husband was the former CEO of Yuri Holdings, which operates several businesses in the food and entertainment sector.

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The company operated the Burning Sun and held 20 percent of the stocks. However, the club was located in southern Seoul, where illegal drug use and sexual violence are alleged to have frequently occurred.

The controversy broke out in January of 2019 when an alleged assault from one of the clubgoers took place.

Currently, Park Han Byul”s husband is still facing court hearings. Yoo In Suk”s business partner and in due for trial is Seungri, former member of BIG BANG and also the public relations director of the club.


(Photo : Twitter, Instagram)Park Han Byul Fled Seoul To Renew Her Life After Husband”s Scandal In Burning Sun

Park Han Byul was in the middle of her husband”s controversy when she was filming the drama series “Love in Sadness.” Back then, the actress made a public apology in respect to her fans, agency, and the production team of the project.

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An excerpt from her statement said,“I am sorry. I feel very guilty about everything. Because I don”t want to cause bigger problems, I try harder in filming even though I suffer and go through hard times as if I”m dying inside of me. For me, life is the process of becoming an adult and learning to straighten things out through various experiences during aging. Whatever the results come out in the end, I will regard this as a process of guiding my family to walk on the right path.”


(Photo : Twitter, Instagram)Park Han Byul Fled Seoul To Renew Her Life After Husband”s Scandal In Burning Sun

On June 3, Park Han Byul”s husband and other people connected to Gangnam club Burning Sun were charged by the Seoul Central District Court for occupational embezzlement and prostitution mediation. The second hearing was last June 22 and will further progress since Yoo In Suk admits to the charges of embezzlement of Yuri Holding”s funds. They will submit concrete evidence with the court, and legal investigations will occur since they plead guilty on the case.