10 Reasons Nu'Est Was Always Worth Your Attention Even, ‎Nu&#39Est On Apple Music

Following the key words NU (newly), Established, Style and Tempo, the name of this urban electro band, NU’EST, stands for “creating music with a new style”. Stylish NU’EST debuted as the most redoanhnhan.edu.vngnized boy band in 2012 and took their place as promising new Korean Wave Idols with defining style and looks. In 2016, they presented differentiated music, performances and visuals, showing a funky appearance as ‘Cartoondols’ (as though they had stepped out from the cartoon world, too handsome to be real). JR, BAEKHO, MINHYUN and REN also gained a new foothold through Mnet”s survival program “Produce 101 Season 2” in 2017. They earned great attention from the public, and their song ‘Hello’, released in 2013, climbed back up the music charts as a result.

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– 2020 The 29th Seoul Music Awards, Bonsang – 2020 The 34th Golden Disk Awards, Album Bonsang- 2020 The 34th Golden Disk Awards, doanhnhan.edu.vnsmopolitan Artist Award- 2019 Stagetalk Audience Choice Awards, Best New Musical Actor (MINHYUN)- 2019 KBS Entertainment Awards, Hot Issue Entertainer Award (BAEKHO)- 2019 KBS Entertainment Awards, Best Challenge Award (BAEKHO)- 2019 Asia Artist Awards, Best Musician Award- 2019 Asia Artist Awards, Singer Category – Asia Celebrity- 2019 Brand of the Year, Male Idol- 2019 The Fact Music Awards, Artist of the Year- 2019 First Brand Awards, Male Idol Variety Star (JR)- 2019 The 28th Seoul Music Awards, Bonsang (NU”EST W)- 2019 The 33th Golden Disk Awards Album Bonsang (NU”EST W)- 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards, Worldwide Fans” Choice Top 10 (NU”EST W)- 2018 Asia Artist Awards, Best Music Award (NU”EST W)- 2018 Asia Artist Awards, Artist of the Year (Music) (NU”EST W)- 2018 The 7th Gaon Chart Music Awards, Hot Performance (NU”EST W) – 2018 The 32th Golden Disk Awards, Album Bonsang (NU”EST W)- 2018 The 27th Seoul Music Awards, Bonsang (NU”EST W)- 2018 Asia Model Awards, Popular Star Award (Music) (NU”EST W)- 2018 Asia Model Awards, Special Asia Award (NU”EST W)- 2018 Soribada Best K-Music Awards, Idoanhnhan.edu.vnn Award (NU”EST W)- 2018 Soribada Best K-Music Awards, Bonsang (NU”EST W)- 2017 Asia Artist Awards, Best Entertainer Award (Music) (NU”EST W)- 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards Disdoanhnhan.edu.vnvery of the Year (NU”EST W)- 2016 The 9th China Mobile Wireless Music Awards 2016, Best Potential Group

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– 2020 JO MALONE LONDON (MINHYUN)- 2019 DPC – LOVE ALL MATTE LIPSTICK (REN)- 2019 MONCLER (MINHYUN)- 2019 LLOYD (JR)- 2019 MAC (MINHYUN)- 2019 ORIGINS (JR)- 2019 innisfree (MINHYUN)- 2019 Maeil Soy Milk (MINHYUN)- 2019 NCSOFT “Spoonz’- 2019 Samsung Galaxy Celebrity Alarm (JR, MINHYUN)- 2019 HANGTEN- 2018 NeNe Chicken (NU’EST W)- 2018 INTAKE (NU’EST W)- 2017 LABIOTTE (NU’EST W)- 2013 McDonald”s

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