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Making Apparel Globally For Over 40 Years

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About Us

Motives International is one of the leading tailored apparel manufacturers in the world, with offices, factories, and joint ventures across Asia, Europe, and North America. We have a distinguished history as a factory direct company, producing men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel for the leading brands. We specialize in suits, overcoats, raincoats, dresses, uniforms, and casual wear.

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Motives International has become a trusted resource to our customers around the world. We believe that full transparency and building long-term relationships are the key to success. We continue to grow each year, and currently employ over 500 people across our offices. The culture of our company is rooted in the belief that our customers are truly our partners. All decisions we make are based on this philosophy.


International Sourcing

Motives International has longstanding relationships with mills and factories throughout Asia, enabling us to source unique fabric and trim at competitive prices. Our staff specializes in identifying textile trends that include new spinning/finishing technologies, environmentally friendly production, and contemporary styling.


Product Development

Our teams at Motives International specialize in pattern design, custom sampling, and merchandising. We understand that customers need more than a traditional manufacturing base to compete in the evolving market.

The product development department utilizes 3-D visual technologies to support our customers’ design teams and limit the need for oversampling. The work of our Creative Director has been published in international fashion magazines, worn by renowned celebrities, and presented on the runways. Our team includes designers from New York, Los Angeles, China and Japan.

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Our joint venture partnerships enable us to secure production capacity and provide competitive prices to our customers. We have American & European quality control technicians based in our factories across Vietnam, China and Cambodia to oversee the manufacturing process and ensure that compliance standards are upheld.

Our strategy for quality control is designed to ensure a consistent product of the highest standards. Each of our customers is assigned a Compliance Officer who is responsible for all certifications and audits. Our factories are examined by third party auditors from internationally recognized firms. Our customers are encouraged to conduct their own certifications and audits at any time.

Motives International has production offices based in Vietnam and China, with over 500 employees who manage pattern design, construction, costing, sampling, merchandising, production and delivery. We support customers through our dedicated sample facilities, which enable us to achieve the quick-turn sampling requirements required globally.

Our core competence was originally in the production of men’s and women’s tailored clothing. Today we service our customers with suiting, overcoats, raincoats, dresses, uniforms and casual wear.

To support multiple business models, we are able to work on an FOB, LDP, or DDP basis. We maximize cost efficiency, maintain the highest quality standards, and are a leader in safety, ethics, and compliance.

We understand that clear, streamlined communications are at the root of successful quality control. Our teams are available 24/7.

Motives Vietnam Office

3rd Floor, Broadway E Building

No. 2 Bertrand Russell St.

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Tan Phu Ward, 7th District


Motives China Office

Liaoning Times Building, Room 2305

No.7 Gangwan Street

Zhongshan District

Dalian, China

Sales Offices

Motives International has sales offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Tokyo, and Barcelona. These offices serve as the gateway for our customers into the vast production and services network of Motives International. This includes the coordination of all processes from product development, pricing, production planning, manufacturing, compliance, quality control and distribution.

Our head sales office is located in the heart of New York City’s Garment District. For our national and international activities, we have established sales and service operations in Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Tokyo, and Barcelona.

Social Responsibility

Motives International takes pride in supporting local and internationally based charitable organizations. We” devoted to our employees and their communities.

Children” Education Fund in Vietnam


Motives International supports a locally based Children’s Education Organization in Vietnam. Children in these local communities have limited resources that are necessary for a comprehensive education. Motives provides funds and donations to support the advancement of educational opportunities.

Ronald McDonald House Charity


Ronald McDonald House Charities was founded in 1974, with the purpose of supporting families through medical challenges. The core programs including Ronald McDonald Houses, Ronald McDonald Family Rooms, and Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles have helped more than 7 million families.

Vietnam Parents Fund


Motives International supports the individuals working for our company, their children, and even the employees’ parents. We have found that a holistic approach to support is key to the happiness and wellbeing of everyone we work with. Funds are set aside to support even extended families in the event of illness, destruction to their homes, or any other key area of need.

The Father’s Day / Mother’s Day Council


The Father’s Day / Mother’s Day Council is a not-for-profit organization designed to support philanthropic causes. By honoring contemporary lifestyle leaders, the organization is able to raise funds that are donated to key charities such as Save the Children. In one year alone, Save the Children serves more than 250,000 families in the United States.



This grassroots bike tour was designed to raise funds in support of cancer research at The Ohio State University. The program includes a two-day experience focused on cycling, entertainment and volunteerism. This was designed to ensure that 100% of all funds raised by riders are donated directly to cancer research.