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Our 3 month producer core program will teach you everything there is to know about music production, get hands on experience working alongsides the best producers you can find in Vietnam & get a full blown EP release packages worth 100TR for FREE after your graduation….damn! Beware only a limited amount of slots is available!

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“Being in the industry for 15 years plus and working with people such as Dr.Dre, Akon, Big Sean and many others has made me a better producer and well rounded person! I’m ready to pass my experiences on to you guys so you can advance your careers as a producer into super-speed mode”



Our ultra supportive eco-system will propel your Producer career into lightning speed the moment you sign up!You will learn the hidden skills and secrets of the producer craft that other schools refuse to teach you.You'll learn the fundamentals of self-marketing & promotion to stay ahead of the competition.Often famous international DJs & Producers are invited to play at our shows & events, AND YOU CAN MEET THEM!You get exclusive access to our facillities and can practice as long as you desire.Push yourself to your limits by joinng our free Graduates Develpment program, right after your final exam!
2 Months (60 days) Learn from only Grammy nominated producer in Vietnam Playground EP release pack (value 100tr +)
Every student will receive a free EP release pacakage that worth up to 100.000.000 vnd. This pack includes: studio time, collaboration support, mixing, mastering, branding, distribution and marketing. You'll set foot into the world with quality product!
Through Playground's involvment in clubs, events and festivals famous artists from all over the world regularly visit us, and you get the chance to meet them!
Our facillities are located in the city center of Hanoi easily accesible from all corners of the city, build according western standards, not only housing a education center but also a high-quality recording studio, lounge & more.

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Practice alone or with your classmates even after your regular study hours and on off days, our studio is opened until late at night!
Our community of Players will help you get started, awsner all your questions and become your second family of support.
Get access to download the highest quality samples, presets and midi arrangements available in the world today!
After you graduate we'll set you free with a treasure filled with material you can use to promote yourself and advance your career.
This free program will teach you everything there is to know about self marketing, promotion and development to keep you going and gain an instant advantage compared to the competition.

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