Những Hot Girl Việt Nam – Top 10 Hot Girl Xinh Đẹp Nhất Việt Nam

Vietnam is one of the top dating destinations for single Western men among Asian countries. And there is a good reason for that — the exotic and tender beauty of hot Vietnamese girls. However, those ladies have far more to offer than just looks. They have a perfect combination of sexy appearance and great character, which makes them just irresistible. No wonder why those stunning ladies gathered a multi-million army of followers that want to enjoy their stunning looks.

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Today, we gathered a list of ten hot Vietnamese women that will definitely make your heart go faster. So hop on board and enjoy these hotties from Vietnam and see maybe you want a Vietnamese bride.

10 Sexy Vietnamese Girls on Instagram

Ngoc Trinh

Occupation: fashion model, actress, beauty queenFollowers: 5.3M
Gorgeous Ngoc Trinh is a fashion model, actress, and beauty queen that is very popular in Vietnam. With her smoking-hot beauty, amazing body, and perfect face, Ngoc won Miss Vietnam International in 2011. An interesting fact about this sexy Vietnamese woman is that you can watch a movie about her life called Queen of the Bikini.

Ngoc loves to post sexy photos in lingerie and cool fashion looks. Besides, this hot Vietnamese girl also has a successful YouTube channel with almost 2M subscribers called NgocTrinhOfficial.

Chi Pu

Occupation: singer, actressFollowers: 5.2M
Chi Pu is a hot Vietnamese that won the hearts of her 5.2M followers on Instagram with her various sexy photoshoots and radiant personality. Her real name is Nguyễn Thùy Chi, but she goes as Chi Pu in her acting and singing careers. Chi’s sleek, long dark ponytail, and bodycon outfits are her signature look.

The sexy beauty and acting talent of this Vietnamese girl are appreciated not only by millions of followers but also by the whole country. She won multiple awards, including Artist of the Year 2015 (Golden Apricot Blossom Awards), Rookie Award (1st Asia Artist Awards 2016), and more.

Hain Gan

Occupation: Insta-model, YouTuberFollowers: 328K
Beautiful brunette Hain Gan has an amazing body and perfect face to be a popular Instagram model. Her natural sexy behavior shines through all of her posts. She is not afraid to show her audience what she has in a provocative and alluring manner. But Instagram is not the only thing that this hot Vietnamese woman is succeeding, as Hain recently launched a YouTube channel, where she shares her beauty secrets and does covers, playing on a guitar.

Duong Cam

Occupation: modelFollowers: 301K
Superb blondie Duong Cam has a very rare look for sexy Vietnamese girls. Her appearance is so perfect that she looks like a real-life doll. The striking curves of her hot body can make any men go crazy — no wonder why she has so many male followers. Predominantly she loves to post lingerie and sexy outfits photoshoots that showcase her busty perfection. Besides, Duong Cam has an OnlyFans account for her loyal followers to enjoy.

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Dinh Tu My

Occupation: model, DJFollowers: 96.4K
One of the hot Vietnamese chicks, Dinh Tu My, is better known as Tu My on Instagram. This hottie has a gorgeous busty body, naturally beautiful face, and spicy character that made her so desired. She has worked for the majority of the most prestigious clubs in Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

On her socials, Dinh Tu My likes to post sexy photoshoots that make everyone envy her beauty. Besides, a lot of luxury brands want her to promote their stuff, as her sexy body is perfect for that.

Nguyen Thu Thai

Occupation: model, influencerFollowers: 117K
One of the hot Vietnamese babes on Instagram is Nguyen Thu Thai. She earned her big following with sexy photos from lingerie photoshoots mixed with lifestyle content. This Vietnamese hottie is undoubtedly very attractive with her long dark hair, cute face, and seductive body. Nguyen Thu Thai has a very trendy Asian look that combines sexiness and cuteness. Having a smoking-hot body and baby-face is a win in the Asian modeling industry.

Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc

Occupation: actress, model, YouTuberFollowers: 4M
Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc is a trendy Vietnamese actress and YouTuber. This sexy Vietnamese is not only stunning but also incredibly talented. She has won the first prize in the program ‘Dance of the Universe’ in 2015. But dancing is only one of this hottie’s strengths, she is also a very talented actress. Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc is the only actress to win twice the ‘Best Actress — Movie’ award in the Golden Kite with two movies, Endless Field (2010) and No. 1 (2015). Also, this hottie has quite a popular YouTube channel.

Dieu Nhi

Occupation: actress, YouTuberFollowers: 2.8M
Dieu Nhi is a sexy Vietnamese actress, whose real name is Tran Thi Dieu Nhi. She has that timeless beauty and natural sexiness about her that earned an army of 2.8M fans on Instagram. But Dieu is not just one of the busty Vietnamese sexy girls, she is a very popular and successful actress that has more than 15 movies and 40+ TV shows under her belt. Besides, she also has a YouTube channel with almost 1M subscribers. There Dieu Nhi shares secrets of her sexy looks and shows behind-the-scenes of the life on set.

Ngoc Thao

Occupation: model, influencer, YouTuberFollowers: 2.1M
Sexy Vietnamese girl Ngoc Thao is a popular Insta-girl who is also a model and YouTuber. Her gorgeous Oriental beauty is very seductive and helps her gain popularity on her media platforms. Those feminine curves and natural looks are very in demand, as we can see from the numerous collaborations with Vietnamese brands. On her socials, Ngoc Thao loves to post sexy pics that are showcasing her fantastic body and interesting fashion choices.

Si Thanh

Occupation: singer, actress, YouTuberFollowers: 2.2M
One of the most popular sexy Vietnamese women on Instagram is Si Thanh. She is a singer and YouTube celebrity who has garnered a massive following due to her upbeat pop music. Also, this hottie is undoubtedly an Insta-star as she currently has 2.2 million followers. And Si Thanh has over 750 thousand subscribers on YouTube. Her audience loves the content she shares as she is not afraid to post revealing lingerie pics and cute lifestyle pics and selfies, where she always looks bomb. Also, Si Thanh often posts ‘couple goals’ photos with her boyfriend, Hao Dong.

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Vietnamese sexy women are very popular on Instagram. Their unique oriental look, amazing feminine bodies in combination with cuteness, is something that makes them so charming. Besides, the ladies on our list are not only hot but also very talented and successful in different niches. If you want to get a better look at those Vietnamese hotties, just visit their Instagram profiles.