Got7'S Jinyoung Confirmed To Join Kim Go Eun, Ahn Bo, Happy Birthday Kim Go

Korean actress Kim Go-eun has had a truly colourful career despite just being 29-years-old. She”s starred opposite some of the biggest names in Hallyu like Gong Yoo in the smash series Goblin, CF King Lee Min-ho, for the Netflix drama The King: Eternal Monarch, and Jung Hae-in in the swoon-worthy Korean movie Tune in for Love.

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Known for her dynamic roles and seemingly effortless acting on screen, Go-eun has become one of the most sought-after stars in the industry. She is also an ambassador for luxury house Chanel, having fronted the international The Faces campaign which includes Margot Robbie and Naomi Campbell for the J12 timepiece.

As a popular actress, Go-eun is no stranger to red carpets and press conferences. In this article, we list down 10 ways she”s proved to be every bit the head turner with her chic fashion choices and styling.

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1/10 Who run the world?

An all-white outfit may seem easy to pull off but it can be quite tricky—unless you”re Kim Go-eun.

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In the photo on the far left, she perfectly complements her structured dress with a beautiful sheer silver pump.

All-clad in Chanel in the middle photo, the drama star easily pulls off this textured dress paired with classic pumps and a metal-strap sling bag; to add a bit of a twist (but not overpower the look), she sports the brand”s statement drop earrings.

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Lastly, on the far right, Go-eun shines yet again in what could be just a boring number. She skillfully pairs her textured A-line dress with minimalist rings, mismatched earrings, and iconic Jimmy Choo silver Lang sandals.

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3/10 How she styles a monochromatic look

South Korean actors Kim Go-Eun and Lee Je-Hoon (Lee Jae-Hoon) attend the red carpet for “Korean Academy Of Film Arts” (KAFA) 10th Anniversary at the Lotte Cinema on September 1, 2016 in Seoul, South Korea. (Photo by Han Myung-Gu/WireImage)

Nothing says effortlessly stylish like a nude-toned outfit. On four different occasions, the K-drama star is seen donning muted colours—all of which she pulls off seamlessly. Take a queue from Kim Go-eun the next time you wear nude shades. Pair it with white or colour-block with a statement purse or shoe.

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