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Founded in 1998, Regina Miracle International (Holdings) Limited Group is a leading global intimate wear company* that innovates, designs and manufactures a wide range of intimate wear and functional sports products for global leading brands through an IDM (Innovative Design Manufacturer) business model. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the Group has two strategic strongholds – its research and development in Shenzhen, China, as well as its production bases in Shenzhen, China and Hai Phong, Vietnam. As of today, we have 5 operating production facilities in VSIP Hai Phong, and expecting to open 1 facility in Hung Yen Province in 2020-2021. These additional production facilities will expand our manufacturing capacities in order to support our rapid business growth.

We are able to generate and realize innovative ideas across multiple industries and product categories, and we believe our strong research and development capabilities are critical to successfully building and maintaining our leading market position globally.

*According to the Frost & Sullivan Report, based on production volume in 2014, we are the world’s largest bra manufacturing company.

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IDM = Innovative Design Manufacturer

IDM business model gives us a competitive advantage at the front-end for the industry value chain to provide our customers with high value-added and integrated IDM services ranging from product concepts design, material and technological development, specification design to production, which makes us a value-creator and enables us to become a driving force for developing new products and breakthrough technologies.

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Long Established Partnerships with Global Leading Brand Partners

Over the years, Regina Miracle has been able to establish long-term win-win partnerships with global leading brand customers in the intimate wear and sports industry. Our major Brand Customers include:

Uniqlo owned by Fast Retailing; Victoria”s Secret owned by L Brands; Bali, Maidenform and Champion owned by HanesBrands; and Calvin Klein and Warner”s owned by PVH; adidas and Reebok owned by adidas Group; Nike owned by Nike Inc.

For many years, Regina Miracle continuously researches and develops new technologies and high-tech products which brings unlimited possibility to customers and successfully increase the added value of our products. Over the years we have been insisting on heightening the criteria of quality control, and continuing to develop new technology and high-tech products. The focus on quality and uphold the pursuit of excellence and faith, Regina Miracle International (Holdings) Limited Group has been award-winning and attracted wide recognition. Below listed are the milestones since Regina Miracle International (Holdings) Limited Group has established: