Chàng Vợ Của Em – Cánh Diều Vàng 2018

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In My Mr. Wife, a drama filled with comedic twists, seasoned director Charlie Nguyenskillfully captures parallel, but interconnecting, stories about chance encounters. Inspiredby the English novel Busy Woman Seeks Wife by Annie Sanders, it has been cleverlyadapted into a timely Vietnamese story. Phuong Anh Dao, who also starred in Viet FilmFest 2018 opening night film Summer in Closed Eyes, shines as Mai, a competitive careerwoman. She hides the fact that she is the daughter of a famous singer and is intent onproving she can succeed on her own merits. As a workaholic, Mai realizes she needs helporganizing her domestic affairs and hires a caring housekeeper who turns out to be morethan she imagines. An annoying man she keeps running into during her jogs in the parkturns out to be another surprise. Meanwhile, after their parents’ pass away, Hung, asensitive bookstore owner played by one of Vietnam’s most famous and versatile actors,Thai Hoa, is a doting, but overbearing, brother to his teenage sister, Ngoc. Desiringindependence from Hung, she inadvertently pushes him to overcome a past trauma andconfront his fears by working to fulfill his own dreams.

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The film artfully plays with role reversal and contrasts images of a slower paced nostalgiccity that values traditions compared to a rapidly modernizing metropolis driven bycapitalist rewards. Talented in their own productions, director Charlie Nguyen and actorThai Hoa are also known as the magical duo that have transformed Vietnamese cinemawith other blockbuster hits. Phuong Anh Dao holds her own adding luminescence to theircreative powers, which translates well in any language. Ultimately this film, which wonthe 2018 Golden Kite Award for Best Feature Film, is a remarkably heartwarmingnarrative about intertwined relationships and a belief that it’s possible to find affirmationand solace when we least expect it. – Linda Trinh Vo

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Director”s Biography

Charlie Nguyen is one of the top well-known filmmakers in Vietnam. With a long list of successful movies he has directed and produced, he gives younger generation filmmakers a big inspiration and becomes an amazing mentor for them.

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Start getting worldwide praise from The Rebel (2007), Charlie continues gaining success from Box office with Fool for Love (2010), Big Boss (2011), Love Puzzles (2012), Little Teo (2013), Fool for Love 2 (2014) and My Mr. Wife (2018). The latest film also brought him the Best Director award from Golden Kite Award in Vietnam.

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After having the producer title in the internationally famous film Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2 (2016), Charlie made an extraordinary success with Jailbait (2017) as a producer when the film broke all records and stayed at top 1 Box office in Vietnam cinema history till 2019.

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