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Strong team with exelent members, we aim to only one goal building marketing products with hight performance and less costs


The working environment is youthful and very professional. There is no decentralization at Allied Tech Base, everyone here like a part of a family.

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ATB is a young, fast growth company with experienced, knowledgeable engineers. There are opportunities for individual growing up and take charge of important positions.


Allied Tech Base is a company with a dynamic and fun working environment. Here everyone has many opportunities to grow and challenge themselves.


The company has a professional working environment, products with clear objectives and high expansion. Colleagues have a lot of experience, willing to help, support the team members to develop together.

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Well, youthful, funny and dynamic environment are what i can describe about ATB. It best suit for person who enjoy challenges to develop skill set.

ATB has a happy and harmonious working environment, people help each other in work and life, ATB is the most comfortable company I have ever worked with.

ATB is japanese company but not like what i heard before joined. The boss is open and friendly. At ATB my contributions are honored. I am very proud to be a member of ATB.

ATB will be enhance the connection between enterprises and users through social networks, driving the creation of a new world where users are central. We would love to support our clients’ advertising through social network. In order to realize this, we aim to become a leading company in the field of marketing on social networks.

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We strongly want an engineer who can not only do requested tasks but also make products grow together for realizing ‘one team one goal’.
Tầng 9, toà văn phòng 2, toà nhà Sun Square, số 21 Lê Đức Thọ, phường Mỹ Đình 2, quận Nam Từ Liêm, thành phố Hà Nội